If you love playing video games for hours, you might want to move your body more often. Exercise is good for your health and your gaming skills. Here are some reasons why you should be active while gaming! 

Why should gamers care about physical activity?



Couple Running



You may wonder, "Why do physical activity when I can play games?" Here's why: physical activity helps you play better. It gives you more energy, so you can pay attention and react faster when you game. It's like a gaming boost!


But I'm not a fitness guru... Can I still do it?

Do you want to get fit without being too hard on yourself? You can do it with this easy plan that works for all levels. No need to worry about how you look or how much you can lift. Just take a break from gaming and follow these steps:



1. Jumping Jackpot:

Jumping Jack Example

Start with some good old jumping jacks. Jump out, clap your hands overhead, and repeat. It's like celebrating a victory!

2. Controller Curls:


Grab your controller or keyboard and give those biceps a workout. Hold the controller/keyboard with both hands, palms facing up, and curl it towards your chest. Feel the burn!

3. Squat Quest:


Time to work those legs! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then lower your body down into a squat position. Repeat for a few reps and feel the burn in your quads.

4. Plank Power-up:

plank example


Get down on the floor and hold a plank position. Engage your core and hold for as long as you can and feel the burn through your body.


5. Gamer's Stretch:

After an intense gaming session, it's important to give your body a good stretch. Stand up, reach for the sky, and then touch your toes. Feel the tension melt away as you prepare for your next gaming session.



Level Up Your Game

You don't need to work hard to make gaming and exercise go together. It can be a good way to have more fun and feel better. So why not try it out? You will be happy with the results!

The key is to manage your screen time and your responsibilites. So enjoy your games, and use exercise as your secret power!



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